Transport Canada AMO

Transport Canada AMO

Stolairus Aviation Inc. is a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO#80-07) pursuant to CAR 573.02 for the maintenance of aeronautical products and holds Aircraft, Structures and Welding ratings.

Stolairus can perform non-specialized maintenance on Piston and Turbine powered aircraft up to and including 12,500 lbs (5700 Kg). Stolairus can also perform various specialized and non-specialized work relating to aircraft repairs, modifications and welding.

The scope of the privileges for each catagory is limited to that specified in the respective rating limitations documents accompanying the AMO certificate.

Stolairus is also an Approved Manufacturing Organization pursuant to CAR 561 for the manufacture and certification of appliances, which is limited to the manufacture of various Supplemental Type Certificates ("STC's") listed in its approved limitation record.

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