Aircraft Rebuilds

Over a period of two years, Stolairus Aviation embarked on a rebuild project of DHC-3 Otter 54 which had a colorful history involving many accomplishments and, unfortunately, a few accidents as well.

The below link is a written and pictorial history of "Big Red" and this rebuild project which culminates in a "brand new" 60 year old Otter purchased by the Province of Manitoba (C-FMFK). It may take a while to download as the file is large but, we think, it is worth the wait.

/files/2206843/uploaded/History of DHC-3 Otter 54 (v3).pptx

Here are a sample of the rebuild pictures:

Our starting point:

There wasn't much of a cockpit and basically started from scratch!

Here are some finished pictures:

Good for another 60 years!!

We look forward to completing another Beaver or Otter rebuild in the near future.