Otter (DHC-3) STOL KitOtter (DHC-3) STOL KitThis STOL technology enhances the SAFETY & PERFORMANCE characteristics of the Otter aircraft when it is empty or fully loaded with clients or cargo.
Otter (DHC-3) 400 lb Upgross KitOtter (DHC-3) 400 lb Upgross KitThe 400 lb Upgross Kit increases your Otter's gross weight capacity on floats to 8367 lbs.
Otter (DHC-3) 7490 Float Mod (LSTC Only)This LSTC allows for the removal of your 7490 amphibious gear in order to increase the gross weight capacity of your 7490 floats to 8367 lbs.
Otter (DHC-3) 7170 Float Stretch KitOtter (DHC-3) 7170 Float Stretch KitThe 7170 Float Stretch Kit enables 7170 floats to increase their gross weight capacity to 8200 lbs when installed with Stolairus' 400lb Upgross Kit.
Otter (DHC-3) Float BumpersOtter (DHC-3) Float BumpersThese Float bumpers are for EDO 7170 or EDO 7490 Floats and help to prevent dock chaffing and also increase the floats gross weight capacity.
Otter (DHC-3) Aft Cargo Net KitOtter (DHC-3) Aft Cargo Net KitStolairus supplies everything you need to install a complete AFT Cargo Net Kit.
Otter (DHC-3) Port or Starboard Cargo Net Kit (LSTC Only)Otter (DHC-3) Port or Starboard Cargo Net Kit (LSTC Only)Stolairus supplies everything you need to install a complete Port/Starboard Cargo Net Kit.
Otter (DHC-3) “Yukon” Cargo Door ModOtter (DHC-3) “Yukon” Cargo Door ModThe new "YUKON" Cargo Door for the DHC-3 Otter transforms the single engine Otter into a BIG aircraft ready for large cargo missions.
Otter (DHC-3) Albatross Prop/Blade STCThis STC allows for the installation of the Super 600 Hi-Thrust Albatross Prop on to the DHC-3 Otter.
Otter (DHC-3) 16 Seat ModificationThis 16 Seat (High Density Seating) Modification adds an additional four seats on the Starboard side of the aircraft and a single seat in the rear area for an addition of 5 seats for a total seating capacity of 16 people including Pilot and Co-Pilot.
Walter Turbine Otter ConversionWalter Turbine Otter Conversion"The MOST COST EFFECTIVE, ALL INCLUSIVE, DHC-3T CONVERSION" The Walter M601 turbine engine is time proven with over 14,000,000 hours of operation in 50+ countries and on 30+ aircraft since 1971.

Each Stolairus Kit comes with approved Installation Instructions and MOT or FAA approvals.

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