Beaver (DHC-2) STOL Kit
Beaver (DHC-2) STOL Kit
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(MOT STC: SA92-45 / FAA STC: SA1070NE)

This STOL technology enhances the SAFETY & PERFORMANCE characteristics of the Beaver aircraft when it is empty or fully loaded with clients or cargo.

Kit Benefits:

1. Up to 30% more lift generated without use of flaps or aileron.
2. Stall speed reduced.
3. An increase in ‘true’ cruise air speed up to 5-10%.
4. Significant increase in aileron control due to wing fences and drooped wingtip design.
5. Increase in visibility for both pilot and passenger due to aircraft cruising at a level ‘flaps-up’ attitude.

This Beaver STOL Kit is also recognized by the Insurance Industry as a SAFETY modification and aircraft equipped with either our Beaver or Otter STOL Kits are eligible for up to a 10% reduction in their annual insurance premiums. Between the fuel savings and insurance premium reductions, the STOL Kit pays for itself in no time.

Kit Includes:

1. Contoured Leading Edge.
2. Flap Gap seals.
3. Wing Fence Assembly.
4. Droop Wingtips.

This Kit comes pre-drilled and primed. All hardware and sealants are included. The drooped wingtips can either slide over existing wingtips or tip tanks or you can remove existing wingtips for weight savings. The wings require removal from the aircraft for ease of installation. The aircraft is also fitted with an audible stall warning device.

Total estimated installation time is 92 hours.
The Beaver STOL Kit is approved for both Standard and Turbo Beaver's in all float/wheel/ski configurations.
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