Beaver (DHC-2) Wing Angle Kit
Beaver (DHC-2) Wing Angle Kit
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(MOT STC: SA00-80 / FAA STC: SA01258NY)

The Wing Angle Kit gives the Beaver an "Attitude Adjustment". This Kit brings the fuselage more in line with the wings thus reducing drag. The results are an increase in air speed, visibility (for pilot & passengers), better engine cooling (up to 50 degrees) and an increase in flying stability. These benefits result in an estimated 10% reduction in operating costs.

Kit Benefits:

1. Re-Life Wing Strut assemblies.
2. Cruise speed and fuel economy increases up to 10%.
3. Visibility increases for both pilot and passengers as aircraft cruises at a level 'flaps up' attitude.
4. Short field landing and take-off capabilities are enhanced.

Kit Includes:

1. New Stab Angle Brackets.
2. Struts "re-life" to 20,000 hours from time of modification.
3. New Forward and Aft Fuselage Attach fittings.
4. Modified Aileron Bell Cranks.
5. Replacement Composite Inboard Wing Fairings.

This Kit is completely manufactured from anodized 7050 aluminum for increased corrosion resistance. All new wing and strut bolts and attach hardware is included. New composite fairings are also provided. Existing struts and aileron bell cranks are overhauled at Stolairus' manufacturing facility located at the Kelowna International Airport (YLW).

Total estimated installation time is 70 hours.
- The aircraft requires the prior installation of the DHC-2 (Beaver) STOL Kit.
- Wing Angle Kit is compatible with the Beaver STOL and 5370 Upgross Kits.
- Wing Angle is MOT and FAA approved for Float, Wheel or Ski operations.
- Customer must supply serviceable strut cores for "Strut Exchange"
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