Beaver (DHC-2) 5370 No Tip Fuel Upgross Kit
Beaver (DHC-2) 5370 No Tip Fuel Upgross Kit
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(MOT STC: SA93-64 / FAA STC: SA00434NY)

Now you can get a true 270lbs increase in gross weight capacity without carrying it in your tip tanks. Finally, you can use the carrying capacity inside the cabin and increase your payload (15% more payload = 15% MORE PROFITS)

Kit Includes:

1. Engineered upper wing stringer reinforcing doubler.
2. Cherry max replacement rivets and sealant.

Kit Benefits:

1. Operational weight increase of 270 lbs to 5370 lbs gross weight capacity.
2. Gross weight increase of 270 lbs can be fuel or cargo as tip tanks are not required.

Total estimated installation time is 24 hours.
- Prior installation of the DHC-2 (Beaver) STOL Kit is MANDATORY for 5370lb gross weight operation.
- Prior installation of 5370 Tip Fuel Upgross Kit is required for upgrade to 5370 No Tip Fuel Upgross Kit.
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