Beaver (DHC-2) Quick Flap Handle Kit
Beaver (DHC-2) Quick Flap Handle Kit
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(FAA STC: SA 01374SE)

Getting a 'float' equipped Beaver aircraft at high gross weights, off the water with relative ease is a challenge, even for seasoned pilots. This normally takes a certain amount of dexterity using the flap controls, which are not easily manipulated without the pilot having to momentarily take his eyes away from the windscreen. STOlairus. has addressed this uncertainty by developing a simple, yet innovative, flap handle which the pilot can reach easily and maneuver without having to move around in the seat or having to divert his attention to locate it. The extended flap operation creates maximum lifting capability out of the wing, safely keeping the aircraft on a steady flight path during take-off and landing. The flap handle is STC approved in the USA and is presently going through the STC familiarization process in Canada.
- This Quick Flap Kit is currently only available to US registered Beaver aircraft.
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