Otter (DHC-3) “Yukon” Cargo Door Mod
Otter (DHC-3) “Yukon” Cargo Door Mod
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The "YUKON" Cargo Door for the DHC-3 Otter transforms the single engine Otter into a BIG aircraft ready for large cargo missions. The extensive re-engineering and beef-up of the airframe and Stolairus' "rise-up" door system allows for larger, heavier cargo to be loaded and transported with ease.

Also, no more worries about damaging wing flaps when opening cargo doors in heavy winds. The Aft cabin/freight area for loading purposes measures 16 1/2' from forward bulkhead to Aft bulkhead at door location. Inside dimensions measure 54 1/2" (h) x 57 1/2" (w) approximately, making it the largest cargo door system on the market. As you can see by the pictures, a sheet of plywood, ATV's, snowmobiles can all be loaded with ease along with other cargo such as 65kw generators, canoes, mining drill heads, mattresses and engine containers. Load them straight in without dismantling or reassembly. Save time ... SAVE MONEY !!
- The "Yukon" Cargo Door must be installed at Stolairus only.
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