Otter (DHC-3) 16 Seat Modification
This 16 Seat (High Density Seating) Modification adds an additional four seats on the Starboard side of the aircraft and a single seat in the rear area for an addition of 5 seats for a total seating capacity of 16 people including Pilot and Co-Pilot.

This major modification is manufactured and installed at Stolairus' facility and includes 4 new (starboard) double bench seats with seat belts and all of the fuselage beef ups and tracking to make this modification durable and versatile for any type of operation.

Total estimated installation time is 300 hours.
- This 16 Seat Modification Kit must be installed at Stolairus facility only.
- Approval requires that you must have prior installation of Stolairus' AFT Cargo Net Kit.
- This 16 Seat Modification Kit is not available in the USA.
- This Kit is currently an LSTC but is pending STC approval.
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