Walter Turbine Otter Conversion
Walter Turbine Otter Conversion
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(MOT STC: SA01-111 / FAA STC: SA09857SC)


The GE / Walter M601 Turbine Engine is time proven with over 14,000,000 hours of operation in 50+ countries and on 30+ aircraft since 1971.

Walter M601E-11 Turbine Otter Kit Features:

1) 50 US Gallon Firewall forward extended fuel capacity.
2) Cruise Speeds: Floats: 120 to 134 VMO / Wheels: 120 to 144 VMO.
3) Comparable Fuel burn to PT-6 (6.65lb / ESHP/Hr).
4) Increase in useful load between 3,800 & 4,100 lbs (approximate).
5) Turbine Bleed Air Heat System.
6) TBO's: up to 3,000 hours or 6,600 cycles.
7) No intermediate HSI maintenance required.
8) No replacement of Fuel Nozzle's required.

The Walter M601 was originally designed to match the Russian harsh weather climate and lack of qualified aircraft maintenance engineers in region. This is why the engine is specific by its "install-and-go" philosophy with very limited amount of on-going maintenance required and no "hot section" inspections as on other turbine engines. These features are making the Walter M601E-11 engine more and more popular outside the original target market.

The M601E-11 engine is not of modular design (ie: it is a very rigid, heavy duty, capsulized engine) and is why no complicated repairs are required to take place until overhaul. There is no "On-Condition" maintenance scheme necessary and, in fact, is not possible for technical reasons. There is only basic maintenance necessary during TBO. So a limited personell operation with one engineer requiring no special experience is able to do all routine maintenance once they have completed a "Walter Familiarization" course. This is why this engine has attracted even non-professional flyers.

The TBO of the WALTER M601E-11 engine is limited by whichever of the following occurs first:

1. Cycles: from 2,500 to more than 20,000 cycles depending on type of service and engine modification, or
2. Flight Time: from 2,000 to 4,000 hours.
   (No more Calendar limitation)


Walter M601E-11 Technical Data:

The WALTER M601E-11 is a two shaft turboprop engine of reverse flow layout. The engine feature two basic parts: the gas generator and the power section. The gas generator consists of two stage axial and one stage centrifugal compressor, annular combustor and one stage axial turbine. An accessory gearbox with instruments is necessary for engine operation and power control is situated on the rear part of the compressor air intake casing. An oil tank is an integral part of the accessory gearbox. The power section is mounted on the front part of the gas generator. This section consists of the one stage axial turbine; exhaust system and two-stage reduction gearbox with a torque meter and propeller shaft. The propeller governor is situated on the reduction gearbox and provides the control of the hydraulic actuated propellor including the reverse thrust angle adjustment.

The engine is equipped with a system of electronic limitless, which protects the engine against overload. The engine is modified for installation of automatic feathering system.

The WALTER M601E-11 is a model derivate from the basic M601E turbine engine. The engine has also been certified with the AVIA-Hamilton Standard V508E (3 Blade 106") and AVIA-Hamilton Standard VJ8.510 (5 blade 90") propeller's.

Take-Off Power: 751 SHP
Time Limit: 5 minutes
Propeller Speed: 2080 RPM
Fuel Consumption: 6.65 lb / ESHP/hr
Max. Continuous Power: 657 SHP
Propeller Speed: 1700 to 1900 RPM
Height/Width/Length: 25.6 / 23.2 / 65.9 inches
Application: General Aviation
Aircraft Installations: Air Tractor / Ayres Thrush S2R / King Air 90 Commuter / DHC-3T Otter / Grumman / Schweitzer Ag-Cat
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