DHC-2 Beaver Products
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Beaver (DHC-2) 5370 No Tip Fuel Upgross KitBeaver (DHC-2) 5370 No Tip Fuel Upgross KitNow you can get a true 270 lbs increase in gross weight capacity without carrying fuel in your tip tanks. Finally, you can use the carrying capacity inside the cabin and increase your paylod (15% more payload = 15% MORE PROFITS !!)
Beaver (DHC-2) 5370 Tip Fuel Upgross KitBeaver (DHC-2) 5370 Tip Fuel Upgross KitOperational weight increase of 270 lbs to a gross weight capacity of 5370 lbs which gives your Beaver longer range capability. Increase your payload means increasing your PROFITS !!
Beaver (DHC-2) Baggage Kit & Cabin ExtensionBeaver (DHC-2) Baggage Kit & Cabin ExtensionThis Beaver Baggage Door and Cabin Extension modification allows for added storage capability and ease of loading larger cargo items.
Beaver (DHC-2) Quick Flap Handle KitBeaver (DHC-2) Quick Flap Handle KitThe extended flap operation creates maximum lifting capability out of the wing, safely keeping the aircraft on a steady flight path during take-off and landing. The flap handle is STC approved in the USA and is presently going through the STC familiarization process in Canada.
Beaver (DHC-2) STOL KitBeaver (DHC-2) STOL KitThis STOL technology enhances the SAFETY & PERFORMANCE characteristics of the Beaver aircraft when it is empty or fully loaded with clients or cargo.
Beaver (DHC-2) Wing Angle KitBeaver (DHC-2) Wing Angle KitThe Wing Angle Kit gives the Beaver an "Attitude Adjustment". This Kit brings the fuselage more in line with the wing thus reducing drag. The results are an increase in air speed, visibility (for pilot & passengers), better engine cooling (up to 50 degrees) and an increase in flying stability. The combination of all of these featues results in about a 10% reduction in operating costs.
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